Sunday, June 13, 2010

Worlds Weirdest Keyboards

For a good, cheery, laugh check out the Worlds Weirdest Keyboards available.

There are keyboards for Klingons, keyboards in rainbow colours set out in alphabetical order, a product that splits a traditional keyboard in half and combines the right half of that keyboard with a mouse. Or maybe you want to try the Grippity1.0 BackTyping Keyboard or you really need a keyboard with air flow to cool your sweaty wrists while you type??!!

More seriously, there is not clear evidence in the literature to show if ‘alternative’ keyboards are better than the ‘standard’ styles generally in use. Generally, (though there are exceptions) we find that the way people use their keyboards and mice and the work routines they develop along with organisational and psychosocial factors are the important things, not specific equipment per se. Check out some more information about worksite assessments or Contact us